Fitness T-Shirt

Launching Shortly


Sygnal fitness t-shirt's accompanying app tells you exactly the number of steps you've taken all day - whether it is during your morning/evening walks, the number of steps you take in office, or walking around in your house.

Floors Climbed

It is healthier to take the stairs instead of resorting to the elevator every time. The t-shirt's app tells you the number of floors you've climbed throughout the day, and helps you stay fit.

Calories Burned

The smallest effort to exercise helps burn calories. Be sure of the exact number of calories with Sygnal's fitness t-shirt.

The Distance Walked/Run

If you love cardio, then this t-shirt is perfect for you. Know the distance you've walked or run, even if you've done it on a treadmill.

To A Desired Location

Tell Sygnal's app where you want to go, and it will navigate you effortlessly without you having to resort to maps or your mobile's navigation to see whether you are on the right track. The t-shirt will vibrate slightly on your shoulder to inform you the direction in which you need to turn to get closer to your destination.


Sygnal’s technology is not only water proof, but is washable as well. If your t – shirt gets dirty, just chuck it into the washing machine, and the electronics will not be damaged in any way!


Sygnal’s battery lasts for a whopping 5 days! This means, recharging the battery will be the last thing on your mind!