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Introducing Sygnal – a line of functional clothing!

Jun 28th 2017

Since a very long time, clothing has had two major purposes – to please aesthetically and to save us from the vicissitudes of nature. And they have been doing so quite well. However, not much has changed, unless you count styles, materials, cuts, and the like.

But, what if clothes did more than just look good and protect us? What if they had the intelligence to help you with everyday things?

That is what Sygnal has started off to do – create clothes that are more than just clothes.

With our initial offerings – the cyclist’s jersey and the biker’s jacket – we have already taken the first step on the journey of a thousand miles.

The cyclist’s jersey glows when the cyclist lifts him arm to indicate the direction in which he wants to turn and comes with an LED on the back to inform other vehicles of his presence. The biker’s jacket glows when the biker turns on the indicator on her bike, and when she applies brakes, in order to let the other vehicles know.

Here’s hoping to more products and your unflinching support!

Read the original article at The Hindu.

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